Return Policy

Project Type
Book Cover


Karen Cove

Book One

When Return Policy, the Unfolding, caught the eye of a publisher, I was asked to design the cover. Reading the first few chapters, a vivid portrait of the protagonist came into view – abandoned and confused, struggling to find acceptance in a dystopian future.

Inspired by the immediacy and emotion possible with illustration, I began work on paper. The portrait of Naddie was first realized in a series of sketches. A stroke by stroke translation of the final pencil sketch served as the framework for detailed vector illustration. Custom brushes were used to add texture and depth.

Book Two

Return Policy, Lost and Found reveals a new adventure in progress. Pursued by her enemies, Naddie travels into an unknown wilderness. Stumbling upon the keys to matter transportation, she and her allies race to shift the balance of power. The tension that builds in this epic chase scene inspired the artwork I created for the cover of the second book.